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Thursday, June 20, 2024

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How To Spend A Summer Weekend in Madison

After enduring a stereotypical midwest winter filled with icy streets and sub-zero temperatures, it’s impossible not to appreciate warm weather to an elevated extent. When you’ve spent three months fiddling your thumbs trying to figure out what to do inside all day (a feeling that became even more exaggerated from the pandemic and working from home), it starts to feel criminal not to be outside once the temperature hits 60 degrees or higher. 


2021's Top March Madness Ads

This year’s March Madness tournament represented a distraction from the pandemic and a beacon of hope to regain a tradition that 2020 stole. Both fans and brands were exceptionally excited for the 2021 March Madness tournament to commence after last year’s had to be abruptly canceled when our country entered a state of lockdown and fear. Let’s take a closer look at a few of this year’s top March Madness Ads. 


Five Industries That Will Be Permanently Changed By COVID-19

COVID-19 has been the ultimate test for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a one-person online business or running a chain of restaurants, business people everywhere have had to deal with unforeseen circumstances and safety requirements, complete disruptions of their business models and ultimately have had to innovate to survive. While some of these changes are likely temporary, some industries will be permanently altered by changes in consumer habits, business models and new competitors. This blog post explores five industries that we think will see permanent changes in a post-COVID world.


Civic Engagement is Trending: How Brands are Getting Young People to the Polls

With Nov. 3 right around the corner and arguably one of our country’s most important elections, I find myself surrounded by a media presence urging me to go vote. Social media, paired with our current political climate, has led college kids to be extremely engaged and invested with the social, environmental, and economic issues our country’s leadership holds in its hands.

5 Podcasts For 5 Types of Business People.png

Five Podcasts For Five Types of Business People

The Daily Cardinal advertising team loves podcasts! In such a busy world, they give us the time to listen, think, and reflect on important issues and skills needed in a business environment.  We’re not alone either, with over 50% of the United States population listening to podcasts and millions of podcasts to choose from, podcasts have become one of the most prominent ways to communicate and share stories and lessons, but with so much to choose from, where should a business person start? We’re here to help with five podcasts for five types of business people.

Daily Cardinal

Where is Greg Graze Now?

Greg Graze, once a Cardinal and forever a beloved alumni, has always had a niche for journalism. “It was just kind of love at first sight” is how he described it.  His story begins in high school, where he found his interest in journalism. Graze had written an article for the Washington Post, and upon his arrival to Madison, his parents suggested that he check out the student newspaper.   


Why It Is Important to Be Present on Social Media - Perspective

Just about every day, I scroll through my social media feed, checking out my friends’ photos, following companies I like, and reading posts from my favorite news outlets. I look at what spikes my interest, and many times, I go on social media to check out a business’s page and see what they offer or what they have been up to. From LinkedIn to Instagram, Twitter and more, there are plenty of different platforms to fit your business needs and reach your target audience. So let's talk. Businesses need to be on social media and here’s why.


TikTok on the Clock

At this point, it would be almost impossible to go through our daily lives without hearing at least one piece of news about TikTok. The Chinese video-sharing social network is loved by Gen Z, hated by governments worldwide, and is one of the top national security concerns right now. No other social network besides Facebook has grown as quickly as TikTok, and especially not one from China. So how did TikTok become the global phenomenon that it is today? Well, to find out, we have to go back in time.

Daily Cardinal

5 Tips For Successfully Working From Home

When Covid-19 first started closing workplaces in the U.S., many of us thought we’d only be out of our offices for a few weeks or months at the most, but here we are almost six months later with many of us still navigating a new, ever-changing challenge of working from home. While many of us have slowly become work-from-home pros, mastering the art of working out of our bedrooms, dining rooms, and kitchens, and learning the etiquette of Zoom calls, there are still tons of ways that we can look to up our work-from-home game!

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