What's In a Name? The Disability Issue


After spending hours sitting at our desks contemplating what we could cover, we had two words on our minds: inclusivity and learning. We thought back to what had been covered — feminism, indigenous populations, climate change — knowing we needed to continue dedicating future issues to social justice.

And then it hit us — folx with disabilities. 

As narratives were unveiled, it was imperative that we as a staff practiced empathetic journalism through the entire process — from writing to taking photos to posting on social media. 

At the forefront: the lived experiences of individuals with disabilities sharing how they choose to identify and the communities they’re apart of. It was essential to our issue to explore the many facets and intersectionalities of disability. 

This provided an opportunity for us as a management team, as well as our staff, to learn and grow as we interacted with folx with disabilities. It was an honor to see this project come together — to have our staff pitch innovative ideas and to share experiences of disability that are proud, honest and organic.

And to share possibilities for change in language, policy and education. 

Thank you to those who trusted us with their stories and demonstrated the value of bringing intersectional dialogue into our newsroom — and sharing with the public.

— Robyn Cawley and Erin Jordan, 2019-'20 Management Team


This Action Project was created by The Daily Cardinal editorial staff.

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