Evolving Education


Education extends beyond classroom walls — it’s not only how we learn, but how we understand the past and, in turn, interact with the world around us. It’s something we as students can all relate to. 

Yet, we wanted to delve deeper into the value of learning throughout life, teaching us a few lessons along the way. 

Being students in an academic setting, it seemed essential to explore the facets of education we encounter daily, but also challenge ourselves to think beyond traditional spaces and modes of learning.

Education and learning continues to evolve — whether it be what’s included in curriculum, the technology available to us or what we find most fulfilling throughout life.

But these changes haven’t been distributed fairly. 

In this issue, we challenge norms of education to deconstruct systemic disparities, including access to opportunity, job shortages and rural schooling. And through this exploration, we were able to make our voices, and those of the folks seeking change, heard.

We hope you hear those voices, and continue to learn with us.

— Robyn Cawley and Erin Jordan, 2019-'20 Management Team


This Action Project was created by The Daily Cardinal editorial staff.

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