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Friday, October 15, 2021

5 Tips For Successfully Working From Home

When Covid-19 first started closing workplaces in the U.S., many of us thought we’d only be out of our offices for a few weeks or months at the most, but here we are almost six months later with many of us still navigating a new, ever-changing challenge of working from home. While many of us have slowly become work-from-home pros, mastering the art of working out of our bedrooms, dining rooms, and kitchens, and learning the etiquette of Zoom calls, there are still tons of ways that we can look to up our work-from-home game!

1. Find Your Space

If you haven’t found it already, now is the time to find your own personal workspace. It’s important to have your own personal workspace for storing all of your important documents and supplies. While it may be tempting to work out of your bed or from your couch, it’ll be much easier to focus-in if you’re able to avoid distractions like reruns of reality TV, and you’ll also feel much better at the end of the day when you can compartmentalize your work area and keep a comfortable distance between your work and personal spaces.

2. Leave Room For You

In fact, setting boundaries isn’t important just in the way you organize your workspace, it’s also important in the way you work with your coworkers and how you live with those in your own home. When it comes to coworkers, make sure to be clear and consistent with your availability and time that you’re going to be working. This will ensure that you don’t find yourself constantly answering texts and emails throughout the day and will help everyone to stay on the same page. It’s also important to set up boundaries and strong communication with your roommates, family members, or anyone else who you may be living with right now. Everyone’s running on different schedules right now, and transparency and communication will help to make sure that you’re able to continue to work effectively and efficiently.

3. Presentation Matters

While we may be able to pull off more casual workwear when we’re operating out of our homes, it’s still important to present yourself professionally. Make sure to dress appropriately for video calls and meetings. You’ll feel more confident, and your coworkers, clients, and employees will notice too. This tip also applies to your workspace. So often now, the only things our coworkers see is the image in our Zoom camera, so make sure to have a space that is presentable with good lighting and professional decor. 

4. Compassion is Key

Understand that this situation is unprecedented for everyone. With the rapidly changing situations going on right now, many people are going through tough times. Whether it be just adjusting to the new work environment or dealing with sick family members or financial struggles, many people may be going through struggles, and even just showing that you understand can help. Make sure to check up on your employees and coworkers, even if it’s just asking them how their day is going!

5. Check up on Yourself

While there’s really no silver lining to this pandemic, it has provided many of us with one opportunity, to learn more about ourselves. Work on a new hobby, read a new book or listen to a new album. Find what makes you feel good!  Isolation can definitely take a toll on your mental health, so make sure to do little check-ups with yourself just like you would others! After all, you’ve got to help yourself before you can even start to think about helping others!

These are just a few things to remember when trying to up your work-from-home game! By taking the time to consider how you can best work in this new, challenging environment, you’ll be able to develop better habits, work more efficiently, and feel better about your relationship between your personal and work life, becoming the work-from-home pro you were born to be.

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