College admissions scandal sparks national debate over opportunity in education

Some students grow up dreaming about how they will spend their college years: studying on the quad, proudly wearing their school colors at football games, and eventually walking across the stage at graduation. They wonder if will they go to college in their hometown, where mom and dad did, or if they will go somewhere out of state. But for many students, these thoughts will remain dreams forever.  READ MORE

Karl Lagerfeld's controversial legacy

On Tuesday, February 19, various social media platforms were flooded with supermodels, celebrities and mundane users paying tribute to one of haute couture’s most iconic designers, Karl Lagerfeld.  The ...


Matthew Mitnick: Prioritizing safety on campus

**TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains sensitive information regarding sexual assault that may be difficult and upsetting to read for some audiences.** Two years ago, I was serially raped. I was seventeen ...