Coronavirus Coverage

Until mid-March, our staff was in a groove: daily news pitch, printing weekly and planning our next Action Project, “Politics and Protests.” Then, due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, UW-Madison went completely remote — and so did we. 

Despite this change, COVID-19 did not prevent us from continuing our coverage. Instead, it made it more important than ever. We put our planned Action Project on hold, knowing the shift to a coronavirus-themed special issue was natural — and necessary. 

Although we halted print, we wanted to complete a digital issue for ourselves, our staff and our readers to experience one last — and extremely important — hurrah this semester. Like our previous Action Project issues, we have created a special subsite for folks to engage with the latest and most essential coronavirus coverage. 

Through this issue, you will explore the impact the spread of coronavirus has had — and continues to have — on a variety of populations, from students to local businesses to healthcare providers. We will cover financial, accessibility and health concerns, along with the methods currently in place, or lack thereof, to provide support to them.

While we experience this shift as a newspaper, as students, as people, our coverage does the same: recognizing the highs and lows of facing COVID-19. We are here to provide the information needed to understand this virus and how you can look out for you and the ones you care about, as well as your local community.

On that note, we hope you are safe and healthy during this difficult time. Wash your hands. Social distance. Get well-deserved rest. Vote absentee. Support your local businesses and news organizations. Enjoy time with pets, if you can.

Take care of yourselves, and in turn, you will take care of others.

We dedicate this issue to the healthcare providers risking their lives day in and day out, and the ones currently receiving and in need of care. Thank you for all the work, support and love while we navigate this virus. 

We will get through this — as long as we are alone, together. 

– The Daily Cardinal Management Team 2019-’20


This Action Project was created by The Daily Cardinal editorial staff.

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