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Friday, October 15, 2021

Why It Is Important to Be Present on Social Media - Perspective

Just about every day, I scroll through my social media feed, checking out my friends’ photos, following companies I like, and reading posts from my favorite news outlets. I look at what spikes my interest, and many times, I go on social media to check out a business’s page and see what they offer or what they have been up to. From LinkedIn to Instagram, Twitter and more, there are plenty of different platforms to fit your business needs and reach your target audience. So let's talk. Businesses need to be on social media and here’s why.

You can become personable and closer to your audience

By being on a social platform, people all over can get any update about your business that you wish to share. You can easily communicate with customers and develop a more personable relationship than you can through other mediums. One way to use social media to easily connect to your customers is through comments. By a business replying to these, they are hearing what their customers are saying and can really show that they care. A poll is also a great way to connect. When a company takes a poll on their story, consumers are engaged and allowed to voice their opinions.  

You can communicate quickly.

You no longer need to wait for a newspaper or magazine to be released in order to voice your opinion. Just post it to social! Whether it be in the time of crisis where you need to quickly share information, or to simply let the public know of a new line you are releasing, this is a way to get information out fast. This kind of communication is rapid and can help you to release an important update or your reaction to a current event in the matter of minutes.

You can be the brand/company consumers want to be a part of.

By being on social media, you will be able to foster an audience that no other medium would allow. With just a few shares, your company's name can spread rapidly. A post about what your company is doing for the community could go viral, and increase your customers dramatically. When your product or service is appearing on different consumers’ pages, it is becoming more and more recognized. 

You can hop on the current trends.

During the digital age, trends are changing daily. Keeping up with Gen Z and what the new “thing” is can be tricky, but social media is your tool to stay up to date. It will let you understand why all these kids are doing new dances in public each week, or what their thoughts are on hot topics in the media. By talking in our lingo and embracing what Gen Z is passionate about, you can attract a whole new audience.

Social media is a great asset to businesses. Using it to your advantage allows you to expand your business and attract consumers, such as myself, to purchase your product or service. Taking these ideas into consideration when expanding your presence online can make all the difference for your future success.

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