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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Brad Rysz


Upperclassman puts freshman in place, achieves fulfillment

Late Friday night senior Brian Milton stumbled out of McKinley’s Irish Pub and let out a hoarse yell of “freshman!” at recent high school grad Liam Hamill with a look of deep satisfaction bordering on Zen-like peace. Cardinal reporters enjoying a drink at the local pub took the opportunity to interview the upperclassman who was swelling with pride at his recent assertion of alpha dominance. “This needed to be done, it was inevitable the moment he didn’t avert his eyes and lick my feet when we crossed paths.

Daily Cardinal

Moonface wrings emotions with voice and piano on ‘Julia With Blue Jeans On’

Moonface’s Julia With Blue Jeans On is the kind of album you listen to once and never forget. It unapologetically commands full attention and respect, and refuses to back down throughout the last chord. This album is heavy. I mean weight-of-the-world-on-your-shoulders heavy. I mean agonizingly heavy. I mean “it should be impossible for one person and a piano to create this kind of heaviness” heavy. Apathetic and wise, Julia With Blue Jeans On composes exactly the type of atmosphere for the lost, lonely and misunderstood.

Lord Snow

The Record Routine: Lord Snow's 'Solitude' evokes emotions

Sometimes it’s all just too much. I get stressed over things I really don’t have to worry about, nothing makes sense and I just want to escape into being a girl. When these episodes strike, I usually put on a limited, repeated loop of The Smiths and Hole and float along through my estrogen ocean, waiting to come back to equilibrium. So I sat down this afternoon, pen in hand, to write an album review. What I was not expecting was to be assaulted with a Riot Grrrl throwback for the 21st century. Lord Snow’s Solitude threw me right into that aforementioned hormonal ocean, but instead of floating back to shore, I doggy-paddled myself to exhaustion, wanting to stay in place.

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