Poemetry, Vol. 1



Watch out, it’s pretty dark out.

I know, I can tell.


Do you believe in make-believe?

I dunno, do you?



Check out these shapes.

No, not those shapes.

These shapes. 

The small ones, all in a row.

Like letters?

Yeah, but shapes.


Hey, do you see that guy?

What guy?

The guy with the hat.

Yeah, I see him.


Half the ingredients for a chicken

are all the ingredients for an egg.


I went for a walk.

It was nice.

Madison Weather

Madison weather can be light as a feather,

so gentle, so happy, so free.

But when it’s pissed off you can’t drink it off,

so just pray for the day you can leave.

The sky might be cloudy, the wind might be strong

but the winter won’t ever best me.

I simply remember that it’s just for November,

and March, and January...

If the weather had changed, you might’ve stayed sane, 

but really how bad could things be?

You just wasted your money and wasted your time

then wound up at MATC.

Mom and Dad aren’t so happy, but who’s there to blame,

it’s not your fault you quit your degree.

Someday you’ll come back and the sky won’t be black,

when the sun finally shines they’ll all see.

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