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Friday, June 14, 2024

Ravi Pathare


Supreme Court gay marriage non-ruling brings Wisconsin forward

With the U.S. Supreme Court refusing to hear the seven same-sex marriage cases on their docket, the stays in each of the seven states were lifted, effectively legalizing gay marriage in Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, Indiana and Wisconsin. Ever since a Wisconsin constitutional amendment which stated, “Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid ... as  a marriage in this,” was approved by voters in 2006, gay marriage has been illegal in Wisconsin. This stood until 2014, when the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against Gov. Scott Walker challenging the amendment. It was ruled that the ban was unconstitutional. The state appealed the decision to the Supreme Court, where Oct. 6 they denied review of the case. The right to marry is a fundamental right that has been denied to same-sex couples. Public opinion has shifted in Wisconsin, with 55 percent in favor of same-sex marriage, so the opinion that approved the amendment is not even relevant anymore. With the Supreme Court’s statement, Gov. Walker and Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen are required to accept the circuit court’s decision. As progressivism has been an integral part of this state’s history, the decision only substantiates Wisconsin’s motto: forward. 


MOM on Mars, forgets kids on Earth

With a successful insertion in Martian orbit through its Mars Orbital Mission (MOM)  Sept. 23, India joins only the United States, Russia and the European Space Agency as the only countries to successfully send a mission to Mars. Being an extraordinary scientific achievement, it’s understandably a source of national pride for India. At the same time, about 620 million people in India do not have access to adequate toilets, and the $74 million price tag for the Mars mission could have been put to better use. India’s space program has been beneficial in typhoon warnings and monsoon predictions, so it has definitely benefited the country, but many probably feel the money put towards the Mars mission could have been put toward improving the country instead. 


Editorial Cartoon: The 'Trek' to the Capitol

While Mary Burke is a formidable opponent, she faces an uphill battle to win the race to 2 E. Main St. and unseat the political juggernaut that is Gov. Scott Walker. The governor has money, connections and judging by the 2011 recall election results, at least 53.1 percent of Wisconsin on his side. Many people don’t want a recycle of the 2011 recall, so in order for Ms. Burke to have a chance, she’ll have to gear up, grab the handles, get a grip and cross the finish line to the governor’s mansion.

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A Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue

President Barack Obama has a lot on his plate. The launch of the Affordable Care Act, a stubborn Congress, immigration reform pushing through the House—nothing else could go wrong, right? Oh, but the Affordable Care Act website crashed. There's thatt. And the NSA might have done a tiny bit (read: a lot) of snooping on Germany, and probably on its chancellor Angela Merkel. I'd be pretty afraid of both. Time to stay inside and eat all of yesterday's candy by oneself and wait for this to blow over.


Putin, homosexuality and the 2014 Winter Olympics

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin recently made a statement in support of LGBTQ athletes competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics, directly contradicting his previous statements on the matter. This facade is seemingly nothing more than an opportunity for the prime minister to display his "modern Russia" to the world audience, as many advocates for LGBTQ rights have publicly denounced the country's policies for these groups.

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