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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Sam Morgan

Daily Cardinal

Parting thoughts: Well those were just, like, my opinions, man

The end is near. Doomsday prophecies aside, the school year is nearly complete and for a lot of Badgers, myself included, it means our time in college is nearly over as well. Compared to the life ahead of us, college is but a small fraction of time. As short as it seemed, it has been one hell of a trip and one that will have a profound impact on me for the rest of my life. More than the friendships, classes, parties and Union Terrace, college is a remarkable opportunity to challenge yourself and in so doing, discover your potential. 


Cardinal View: Soglin is still the right choice for Madison

In the fall of 1967, 22-year-old Paul Soglin and his UW-Madison peers were engaged in a peaceful sit-in to protest the campus presence of Dow Chemical Company, one of the leading producers of napalm during the Vietnam War. When Madison police attempted to remove the students from the building in which they were protesting, the confrontation turned violent and many students, including Soglin, were beaten by officers. Soglin was later chosen to lead the student strike that followed the incident.

Daily Cardinal

Raising debt ceiling should be solely presidential power

This week Congress agreed to a deal to avoid economic self-destruction. President Barack Obama signed the deal within minutes of reaching the debt ceiling. Unfortunately, this deal did not include any measures to prevent Congress from imposing a self-inflicted wound yet again; it was simply a short term fix that punted the problem down the road until January. The debt-ceiling fight wasn’t even pushed back until after the midterm elections. Meeting the debt ceiling would have been unprecedented and dangerous. Because Congress has toyed with the dangerous notion of not raising the debt ceiling, the power to raise it should be unilaterally placed in the president’s power.

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