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Thursday, September 16, 2021



Reclaiming Labels

This week's Melanin Speaking column piece comes from Noah Laroia-Nguyen, who discusses being mixed in America.  “As a mixed person it is often easy to feel as if you have lost your agency, your choice, and your personhood. The labels and names placed onto you can feel like they are erasing the person underneath. My goal for this work is to reclaim our labels and give us a voice. I hope that these photos let you know that you are not alone and you are not invisible.”

Daily Cardinal

Almanac Obituary- Savannah McHugh

Savannah McHugh, outgoing Almanac editor, went missing last week after leaving her home for unknown reasons.  Friends and family members came up with many theories as to where Savannah could have gone, but none seemed satisfactory.


I've Cried

I've cried because of hurt Because of happiness Because of understanding and the things from them that mis(s) I have cried because of loss Because of gain Because my mind can never differentiate good and bad The same decipher of glad and mad I've cried because of tears Because of the warmth down one's cheek Like a grandmother's kiss Or a mother’s rubbed knuckle I have cried because I could And with no knowledge of what it means to let go I continue to let tears pour Down my face like water trickling from the shower A wet collar Often stained with black from materials in which makes me look beautiful I have cried And as tears pour down my face I am reminded of my problem That letting go is harder than taking in That even the sturdiest bag does too break That sooner or later, that drenched towel must be wrung dry I have cried And just like being stuck out in the middle of winter for too long I have become numb to the idea of what it means to stop


Local Student Shocked by Lack Of Pothole Presence on Ballot

UW Madison sophomore Fineas Anpherb was reportedly lost for words Election Day evening after discovering that there was in fact no referendum on Wisconsin’s infamously poor road conditions. “Man, I’m super shook right now,” the young political science major said last night, disheveled hair betraying his state of shock.

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