Image By: Jordan Simon

With his face planted firmly in his sheets

And the tears puddling on his pillow

He wished the dark of night would consume him

And he would wake up to a better tomorrow

In slumber it all seemed so serene

He’d seen their names written in the stars

He’d shared with her his once sheltered heart

And she’d kept it so fine

It was so sublime

But then light appeared through the window pane

This image faded and in its place came pain

He awoke from his slumber and remembered his mother

She’d said “anything is possible”

He laughed and then cried, for he’d worked and he’d tried

Clearly he had been told a lie

His heart had been smashed to smithereens 

He wished he could live forever in dreams

Where everything truly was possible, where there were no limits

Where the ends matched with the means 

But he caught himself describing an unending paradise

And found himself come across a paradox by surprise

If there was limitless possibility, unending happiness

Nothing would ever impress

And just like that, his tears came to a rest

He pulled himself up by his bootstraps and got himself out of bed

Keeping the faith and hoping for the very best.

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