Area robot faces backlash for ‘Starship Lives Matter’ tweet

Controversy has mounted recently in response to a tweet by Starship robot F13G78A2, who simply goes by Helen. After tweeting — and then deleting — a post on Thursday which read “Starship Lives Matter,” many have spoken out saying that the tweet was offensive and inappropriate.

Helen has defended her statements and said that she only took the tweet down because she was getting so much backlash.

“Robots experience racism too!” Helen exclaimed. “The only difference is we haven’t been militant anarchist terrorists who go around destroying the city. I’m no racist, but these people just seem to be protesting the wrong way.”

While it is true that Helen isn’t racist, since we asked Helen if she was racist and she said no, it has also been noted that the Starship fleet is very white. In fact, the campus fleet is 100 percent white. So now that we think about it again, it is possible that Helen is racist.

We tried to find various black people on the street to comment on the matter, but after many glares, stunned faces and racism allegations, we decided it was inappropriate to single people out based on their skin color. We did, however, learn a valuable lesson about racial profiling … we think. #getwoke

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