Five Facts to Know About Gen Z

Image By: Daily Cardinal Advertising Team

Photo by Nathan Denzin

1. 72% of Generation Z believe that racial equality is the most important issue today. 

This generation is passionate about the inequalities we see in our country. What can you do as a business to show them that you care? (World Economic Forum)

2. 95% of Generation Z either has a smartphone or access to one.                                                                     

They have technology at their fingertips; social media and digital platforms can be great ways to connect with this generation.  (Glossy)

3. Generation Z has an average attention span of 8 seconds. 

Creating a quick reading and aesthetically pleasing advertisement can grab their attention.  (AACSB)

4. 90% of Generation Z consumers believe that companies should be addressing
    environmental and social issues.

This generation wants to see your business making an impact on issues that they care about.   (McKinsey & Company)

5. Generation Z has a spending power of $143 billion in the United States

As one of the youngest generations, they will be buying things for quite a while. What are you doing to appeal to this audience?  (Business Insider)

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