Humans are the most profound pieces of literature 

Each chapter tells a different story 

Every human has a layered existence 

But we’re often blinded to see it

When we do, it opens up our minds and souls

Some people possess the tranquility of water

Calming ripples in the ponds and lakes

They possess the empathy of earth 

Healing wounds and providing ground to grow

They possess the presence of air

Covering the vast expanse of earth

Keeping the drowning seafarers alive

They possess knowledge as vast as free space

Incalculable in its expanse and so vast, yet well appreciated

And lastly they possess the intensity of fire

Enough to wreak havoc but also to create change

A flame whose pursuit burns many but does not deter the determined

The most special humans are a blend of all

As discredited as it is, deep down, humans are all elemental.


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