‘I’m Just a Bill’ played by White House staff following president’s 10th executive order

This is a bill. He is only a bill. And he’s sitting up on Capitol Hill.

Image By: Creative Commons - Shelley

Late Tuesday night the famous Schoolhouse Rock song “I’m Just a Bill” was played in the Oval office for President Trump following the 10th executive order signed since his recent inauguration.
White House staff members explained to reporters that although it seems Trump has ignored the legislative branch recently, it just comes down to a basic misunderstanding of the entire Democratic process.
“Of course I know what checks and balances are” said Trump after being asked some basic political questions by Cardinal reporters on the scene. “I haven’t had to balance a checkbook since the third grade.”
The informative video played for the President explains the long process a bill takes before it becomes a law through a series of heartwarming melodies and adorable cartoons.
After some coaxing from White House staff members, President Trump sat down with Vice President Pence, cracked a beer, and watched as the little animated bill sing its way through the house and senate.
Every few seconds, the newly elected president would pause the tape and ask a question, such as “Is the Capitol hill an actual hill?” or “Is that bill what Crooked Hillary’s husband looks like?”
After the song ended, the President tweeted out “@SchoolhouseRock is #FakeNews. Shit animation to further big government’s propaganda.”

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