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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Liz Puibello

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Mac Miller and openers energizes sold-out Orpheum Theater

The Orpheum Theater was full of excitement as Mac Miller and his three opening acts took the stage by storm Saturday. As expected, the sold-out crowd packed the Orpheum. Before the doors opened, early guests lined the sidewalk for more than two blocks, and when the doors finally opened, people packed the first floor and balcony so tightly that no one could take a step or raise their hands without bumping the next spectator. The stage was set up with two DJ tables and a large centered alarm clock with Mac Miller’s new album name, GO:OD AM. On the sides were posters of his album cover photo, depicting Mac Miller’s obnoxiously yawning face. Rappers The Come-Up Boys, Domo Genesis and GoldLink, each partnered with their own DJ, revved the audience with a plethora of bass-bumping singles. And Mac Miller most certainly made the concert a highlight of the University of Wisconsin-Madison homecoming weekend.

Daily Cardinal

"The Man in the High Castle" perfects dystopia for Amazon's streaming service

For the average college student, there are few elements of daily life that take priority over everything else. There is one glorious activity that many may underplay in casual conversation, or say that they don’t have time for it or are too devoted to their studies. The simple answer is that they are lying. Binge-watching television keeps college students afloat and happy. Without the comforting glow of Netflix, college students in this day and age would probably panic and die of withdrawal. In this column, I will attempt to provide you readers with samples of my type of fix; my insights on what I find to be the most fascinating, addicting, engaging and, most importantly, binge-worthy television that is available today. Because without online streaming, what is college?

Daily Cardinal

Kindness curriculum utilizes the increased brain plasticity of kids

For almost any conceivable skill or field of study, it’s generally accepted that the earlier one starts learning it, the better. Whether the skill be playing hockey, speaking French or composing symphonies, it always seems that the ones who have been doing it since childhood have a higher level of ability and a more natural way of doing whatever it may be. This trend is the result of higher brain plasticity in children, which allows for better assimilation of learning the earlier on it starts.

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