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Sunday, July 03, 2022

Jay Olle


Internet radio does what music blogging never could

“Are you sick of this sh*t yet?” reads the first sentence of Pitchfork’s “Top 10 Albums of 1999” article published in 2001. “...Let's not forget the New York Times' incredibly out- of- touch list of the 25 best albums of all time. (One word: No.)” The introduction reads like an angry college student madly pounding at their keyboard, more concerned with establishing a flippant attitude towards mainstream music journalism than introducing a list for the best albums of the year. A Pitchfork article beginning in such a manner in the year 2015 would raise eyebrows with its complete lack of professionalism, yet it was this exact attitude that propelled the website into the cornerstone for independent music journalism that so many regard it as today.


Voltz marches to his own drum

In movies and TV shows, high schools often feature two stereotypes: band nerds and jocks. Dan Voltz would have been the character that defies the societal norms, a Troy Bolton-esque protagonist that excels athletically and musically. Maybe he’s not exactly like Zac Efron’s character from “High School Musical,” but Voltz has a love for both music and football.

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Roemer the only Republican candidate stressing campaign finance reform

In 2012, presidential candidates are expected raise and spend approximately eight billion dollars in campaign contributions, an increase of 20 percent from the 2008 election.President Barack Obama alone is expected to raise about one billion dollars for his campaign, and don’t expect that money to come from teaching unions or the ACLU; despite Obama’s promise of liberal change, his 2008 campaign accepted more money from the financial sector than anyone in history.

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