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The Daily Cardinal Est. 1892
Saturday, June 22, 2024
Image by James Wheeler Courtesy of Creative Commons

The Stone Staircase

All articles featured in The Beet are creative, satirical and/or entirely fictional pieces. They are fully intended as such and should not be taken seriously as news.

Wooded creaks and winds 

Defying the standpoint of time 

In every living dwelling 

Even those long abandoned yet telling 

The staircase leads up and down 

Liminal space for another dimension 

Different levels of apprehension 

Rising falling in between 

In every metaphor, so obscene 

The staircase goes up and down 

Blocked by doors banisters and “DO NOT ENTER” signs 

Fun to climb while high 

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Hushed conversations about hushed things 

Rushed escalations for rushed destinies 

The staircase heads up and down 

How do I know what I am? 

Everything is new and I’m in a jam 

Hear the lake tides and waves 

Read a book to keep off anxieties Stave 

The staircase moves up and down 

Staircase to heaven we hear 

With one friend by the lake I lear 

Discussions of Dante and company 

For now this one girl is enough for me

The staircase runs up and down  

Down with a group, closer than ever 

In high-school I could never 

Stepping into a new life where I’m appreciated 

Using old jokes as ammunition 

The staircase builds up and down

Once more, on those steps,

The stone fits with the stoner vibe and reps

Same lake, after its been frozen over

With y'all, I’m luckier than a four leaf clover 

And the staircase comes closer and closer 

Ascending things I never imagined 

Curiosity’s itch from toddler years happened 

Wanting to touch the hidden parts of museums 

Moving up my life's colosseum 

Will I be a fighter or a watcher? 

Will I keep these various friends made on the stairwell forever? 

Hollering dumb things across the water 

Heart skipping when someone slides down the banister

A two story house for subplots in the making 

Heels on my feet inhibiting my climb and at my achilles raking 

A toothache from when I fell up from the basement 

Sensitive teeth just like me 

The mahogany banister an artery to my heart, spins round 

And the stairs lead up and down

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