The Alleyway

Image By: Photo Courtesy of Flickr

As I walk down an alleyway dimly lit

With music blaring in my ears, as I see fit

I stop for a second as I look at the ground below

And I see my shadow follow me, toe to toe

This makes me freeze on the spot

Pushes me into deep thought

As I ponder about how the dark brings out two of me

My thoughts, like a winged Griffin, take me to the decade gone by

And make me relive the lows and the highs

Perhaps the shadow behind my back is my past still lurking

Lurking behind me as I keep running

Running away from the past and its iron grip

Running before the past makes me trip

Blood on the hands, I now see blood on the hands

As the trailing shadow lights up in my mind and I see my old self in plain sight

I hear the chilling noises, of helplessness and sheer pain and hard fight

The eyes are pitch black and the tears stream down the face

A life was there to be saved, and I had failed in disgrace

The lights dim and the bloodstained hands fade away

As I stand still in the middle of this alleyway

The shadow returns and I’ve snapped back into reality

Perhaps the demons of my past will always follow me

And I can never wash my hands off the blood I’d sworn to protect

Perhaps I shall always be trapped in an alleyway, in a prisoner state of mind

For I cannot rewrite history—the mistake was mine.

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