Four walls

Image By: Image courtesy of Pxfuel

The silence suffocates me 

It gets me as I sit upright

The barren walls that I face 

Start converging into space

My mind’s a prisoner and panic’s my warden

She don’t let me out or cut me free from my misery

I reach for my window, the only source of sun

A sun setting fast into the distant horizon

The walls inch closer and closer 

The silence starts taking grip 

I fervently reach for my music

A relic from a storied past I play aloud

With every bang of a drum, the walls slow down

With every guitar riff, I find my breath again

Minutes turn to hours and I stand up straight

Emboldened by the notes that now reverberate 

The silence is now gone and the walls have receded

I have won for now — panic has conceded.

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