Image By: Graphic by Jordan Simon

Floating around in a sea of strangers

Every face looks like a blurred pixel, part of a bigger picture

Most of what I see seems so unfamiliar 

People looking so different yet so similar

Amidst all the chaos, I find a face I know

Standing out in the crowd with a seemingly unearthly glow

I try locking eyes with eyes that don’t meet mine

All I can do is look intently, as I run out of words and feel ever so asinine

My arms don’t move and my heart beats rapidly, like a hamster running on a wheel

My head spins in circles, as I can no longer feel

It’s only been a minute and the moment has now passed

The face is now gone and I’m stuck in the past

Wishing words had come out of my mouth

Wishing things didn’t always go south

Perhaps someday I can see clear, perhaps someday I can find my space

Perhaps someday I’ll be a pixel truly part of the picture, no longer out of place.

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