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There’s seasons all around us as the leaves turn pretty colours

But there’s seasons in our heart too

There’s the springtime in our hearts where joy blooms

We look around and see cute flowers and we close our eyes to see pretty colours

The shades of love make us smile at night, like the glorious green trees in plain sight

Then comes the summer of our hearts, hot and humid

Our hearts and minds both encounter mirages 

The beautiful sights of spring are in the past, yet the summer plays tricks on us

Makes us believe in fiction and chase the lost cause

The ones we love make us perspire like the sun, cruelly beating down on us

The pretty colours start melting away

Then comes the autumn of our hearts, frigid and gloomy

The pretty colours now turn to dust 

The green leaves in sight turn dry and brown as the lover’s long gone

Taking away the light and turning life black and white

The winter of our heart ends the year, cold and callous

Like the aftermath of a snowstorm, our heart is shattered and our mind’s in tatters

We seek the same light of love, the same pretty colours that made us smile at night

We live in delusion, chasing the mirages that fooled in the summer

Holding onto to the light that consumed and then left us in monochrome

The year comes to an end and we promise to ourselves 

“Not again, not again”

But like every resolution, it is a big fat lie

As spring time comes, we give it yet another try

Hoping some day the wrongs lead to a right.


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