An elegy

when i kissed a boy with your same name: 1. cigarettes hung on my clothes and the scent of lilacs lingered in my pores 2. deception on my lips but I can still remember the blood on your hands 3. your fingernails raked across the surface of my brain and my mind screamed a chorus of no’s 4. we warmed each other with our bodies but your name still feels like ice on my tongue READ MORE

Day 74

Do not worry about the girl who left and walked forever, she is taking space for herself. The world is round, she’ll be back.


Let's TALK About Sex!

*Before I start this article, I want to begin with a consent caveat. Everything discussed in this article is clearly pointing to all sexual activities between consenting partners.



This the first installment of a new mysterious story that will be released in multiple parts over the remainder of the semester.