Kyrie Irving unable to describe shape of regulation NBA basketball

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving showed an inability to express the shape of an approved NBA basketball, when pressed Wednesday.
The former Duke University standout failed to provide a definitive response upon the request from The Daily Cardinal reporters to dictate what type of geometric figure he believed a standard-issue Spalding league ball to be.
“I don’t know,” Irving said. “Whatever shape it may be, I’m not familiar with it.”
Irving raised eyebrows around the NBA media and fan communities last week when he professed that he understood the Earth to be flat rather than round. The star’s defiance of what was considered to be a consensus among Westerners for centuries prior prompted many to probe Irving with other shape-related queries.
“It doesn’t matter if Ky knows what shape the ball is,” teammate LeBron James said of the 38 percent lifetime three-point shooter. “He sure knows how to handle it.”
According to league-partner manufacturer Spalding, official NBA game balls are 100 percent  leather, roughly 30 inches in circumference and spherical in structure.
When asked to relate the format of his home planet and the recreational tool his profession revolves around, Irving issued a request to be dismissed from the interview, which Cardinal staffers granted.
Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green publicly sided with Irving over the All-Star break when he implied that it would be difficult to stand on the Earth if it were indeed round, as scientists claim.
At press time, Green has not responded to The Daily Cardinal’s Facebook message requesting comment on the matter.

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