Heroes of the weekend

David Schleg, sophomore— 222 N. Carter party-goer David Schleg discovered a hidden stash of solo cups in a kitchen drawer. The beer cups were valued at $7 a piece, a price Schleg and others considered completely unreasonable. Like a modern-day Robin Hood, Schleg stole from the rich 222 N. Carter residents and freely distributed the cups to the poorer party-goers, throwing the cups into the air with the haughty proclamation, “Let the people drink!” And drink they did. In fact, they drank so much that they were briefly able to forget their miserable, poverty-stricken existence. What Schleg did was provide them with peace of mind, if only for one night. Schleg is an exemplary humanitarian and a hero to us all.

Raymond Newhouse, junior— On a candle-lit dinner-date with Cassandra Bosch, Randy Newhouse not only maintained eye contact the entire time but listened to every word his date said. When Bosch began to talk about her high school dancing career, Newhouse steeled his mind for what he knew would be an incredibly long and boring meal. However, his attention never waivered that night, not even when Bosch told him three consecutive stories about her study abroad trip to Spain. Newhouse’s incredible self-discipline makes him a hero to us all.

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