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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Ky Romero


Fetishizing Fatness in the Context of (Non-Ethical) Pornography REUPLOAD

00:30: Defining fetishization  02:45: Origins and intersections of anti-fatness and  anti-Blackness  09:50: (Un)intentionally ignoring fat fetishization  14:00: Distinguishing a kinks and fetishes 14:40: Challenging anti-fatness despite the prominence of fetishization  26:24: Portrayals of fatness in media 33:10: Resisting fetishization  34:48: Intersections of queerness and fatness   40:00: Using our bodies to resist societal normality 


Let's Talk Porn Part 2

In Part 2 of Out Loud’s Porn Series, Ky, Elena, and Mia dive even further into the world of porn and encourage the consumption of ethical porn while expanding on porn literacy. 00:20: What is Ethical Porn? 02:20: Why should we consume Ethical Porn? 06:28: Porn Consumption & Relationships 09:35: Teaching Porn Literacy 17:13: What Ethical Porn Offers 20:13: What to Avoid When Watching Porn 22:00: Resources & Ethical Porn Suggestions !


Porn Part 1

In part one of this two part series, Ky, Elena, and Mia open up the conversation surrounding the ethicalities of porn. They discuss the origins of pornography and its role in our society, explore the most recent statistics surrounding Porn Hub, and examine both the benefits and critiques of consuming porn in the United States.   00:25: An overview on porn  02:30: Porn as sex education 08:20: The (convoluted) history of porn 20:15: Pornhub 2022: A year in review and touching on fetishization  25:20: Reflecting on the types of porn we consume  34:00: Benefits of watching porn (solo)  38:38: Benefits of watching porn (partnered) 40:00: Exploring critiques on porn


Sex Tech & Sexting

In this episode, Ky, Elena, and Mia explore the implications that the rise of modernized technological advancements have on our sexual experiences.  00:50: What exactly is Sex-Tech? (and Teledildonics!) and where did it originate? 05:35: Why would I be interested in Sex Tech?  07:26: (Very cool) products on the market right now  -NICE (Free IOS app to track Sexual Activity)  -The Lioness (Sex Toy that monitors muscle contractions)  11:50: Let’s talk about sex dolls  16:18: The ins and outs of fleshlight launchpads  17:18: Motorized masturbation sleeves 20:55: Virtual reality & porn 25:00 LOVENSE Highlight!    29:03 Sex-Tech’s implications for inclusion & disabilities  34:55: Porn, virtual sex, & future implications of Sex Tech  39:35: Let's talk about sexting (& helpful tips!) 54:04: Sex Tech advancements in our society


Hookup Culture

In this episode, Out Loud discusses the prominence and origins of hookup culture, particularly on our campus. Whether or not we choose to engage in hookup culture, Out Loud provides insight on how to have safe, fun, and positive experiences when hooking up with people.  00:15: What is hookup culture exactly?  00:30: Where did hookup culture come from?  03:15: Defining consent & checking in during a hookup  07:30: Tips for having a positive hookup experience 10:23: Being real about challenges associated with hookup culture  20:00: Navigating performance anxiety  25:09: Connections between hookup culture and sexual assault 30:35: Accessing resources for sexual assault


All About Valentine’s Day

In this special Valentine’s day episode, Out Loud opens a discussion for everything and anything related to Valentine’s Day. From conversations pertaining to the aftermath of cuffing season, navigating relationships, and having fun by ourselves, the hosts wish everybody celebrating a happy, safe, and sexy Valentine's Day.  00:20: Welcome to the post-cuffing season!  1:00: External pressures associated with Valentine's Day  3:10: Breaking up & Valentine’s Day 8:15: Spicing up our Valentine’s Day (food play, scents, partnered play)  13:43: How to enjoy Valentine's Day Solo  14:53: Let's talk Mono (the kissing disease)  18:50: Why is Valentine’s Day sex “better”? 22:30: Language & love (difference between fucking and making love)  26:33: SEXpectations on Valentine’s Day


Sex Work Part 2

In the second part of the Out Loud sex work episode series, Ky, Elena, and Mia evaluate the differences between legalization and decriminalization and talk about their implications for the safety of sex workers.  Throughout the episode, they argue why they believe sex work should be legalized and/or decriminalized in the United States.  *TW*: We will be discussing sensitive material pertaining to sexual assault that may be triggering for some listeners.  01:50: Discussing the difference between legalization vs. decriminalization  03:20: Sex work decriminalization model in Sweden 04:15: Implications of legalization   07:40 Current legalities in the United States pertaining to sex work  11:30: Societal benefits of sex work  14:05: Arguments for legalizing sex work   22:05: Should we punish the patrons?  22:50: How will regulated sex work ensure sex worker’s safety? 27:00: A summary of the pro sex work stance


Sex Work Part 1

In this special two part episode, Out Loud discusses the history and context behind sex work, and how the profession has changed within our society. Ky, Elena, and Mia evaluate the future implications of sex work and how we as a society can move forwards protecting sex worker’s rights.  00:30: What is a sex worker?  02:30: A historical overview of sex work  12:45: Where does the sex work stigma originate?  14:35: The role of religion in sex work  16:00: Addressing common societal misconceptions 20:23: How can we as a society address these stigmas?  22:37: Sex work through an international scope  24:55: Exploring the types of sex work  26:10: Why do people choose to be sex workers?  30:50: Risks associated with sex work


Answering More Questions from Students Part 3

Welcome back to Out Loud, UW-Madison’s sexual health podcast in collaboration with Sex Out Loud and The Daily Cardinal. In this episode, Ky, Elena, and Mia answer student’s anonymous questions submitted to the Out Loud Neon Exhibition.  00:17: Why is it so difficult to orgasm during Sex?  02:34: How do you correct yourself when you accidentally misgender someone?  03:30: Is it normal for condoms to hurt when you put them on?  05:22: What is the difference between squirting and cumming for people with vulvas?  07:45: How do we prepare for squirting and/or vaginal ejaculation?  09:20: What is the difference between a copper IUD and a hormonal IUD?  10:08: How can I get involved with Sex Out Loud?  11:30: What is a typical routine Gynecologist appointment like?  14:70: Can you explain Asexuality?  15:31: How do you give a good blowjob?


Cuffing Season

This week, Out Loud acknowledges the presence and phenomenon behind Cuffing Season and further explores the challenges that come with holidays, families, partners, and sexuality. 00:23: What is cuffing season, and why do we engage in it?  08:14: Should we engage in cuffing season? Navigating and communicating what we want.  14:09: How do we define dating?  20:06: When should we introduce our partners to our families? How do we navigate acceptance?  28:14: Coming Out & Going Home

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