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Tuesday, January 26, 2021



Support for trans peers necessary, urgent

Heteronormativity is everywhere on this campus — but we can change that. While many UW students may have never engaged in open dialogue about the trans/GNC experience, this is no excuse for continued ignorance. 

Warren's campaign may have tailed off, but it touched many lives along the way

What Warren's presidency would have meant to me

Liz Warren was young once. Liz Warren was considered “poor,” once. I’m the beneficiary of a full Pell grant, so me too. Our stories have a similar beginning, who knows if they will have a similar end. All I know is that beyond policy or party, it has been a tremendous honor to support her over the past few months. And even though it is hard to imagine that her campaign is ending despite so much promise, nevertheless, we persist. 

Partisanship seems to be splitting the country at the seams, rather than fostering positive dialogue

The Pitfalls of Patriotism: A country-wide binding force or a dividing line?

Patriotism is an understanding that a perfect country really does not exist. Such an understanding promotes critical discourse, but also ensures in the failure of fear mongering. This is not a dismissal of threats but an understanding that paranoia can be destructive, often serving as yet another reason for justification of hate crimes on people that do not fit the existing, flawed mold.

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