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Saturday, July 31, 2021


Voters in Wisconsin are required to show photo identification before they can vote. However, UW-Madison students cannot use their Wiscards as a proof of identity.

Voter ID laws unfairly impact students

Voting should be easier. This is a commonly held belief, yet there isn’t a consensus as to how to amend the problem. The United States fares poorly in voter turnout compared with other countries to an embarrassing extent. According to U.S.

ASM special election would change start and end date for incoming session

The real purpose of our student government

In a recent Badger Herald opinion piece, a UW student criticized The Associated Students of Madison’s advisory role in the University, arguing that it does not have legitimate power because of a lack of direct enforcement capabilities.


Letter to the editor: Pro-Palestine demonstration justified, necessary

It is ironic that people on this campus are upset over a mock apartheid wall yet are not upset over the fact that it represents the actual apartheid wall in Israel that blatantly denies Palestinians the right to return to their homelands and restricts their movement through the oppressive body that Israel is and always has been. Students for Justice in Palestine held a demonstration on Library Mall on Oct. 18, 2018, in memorializing 70 years of occupation the Palestinian people are undergoing today at the hands of Israel.

John Beilein

Baby Boomers are too quick to judge

Among list marks of millennial I the can’t laundry stand hallmarks I can’t stand lies the phrase “entitlement,” closely followed by Tinder and veganized pastries. Baby boomers and Gen Xers think we’re ignorant to their reductive perception: The millennial girl Snapchatting down the street, disengaged, drafting a mental coordinate plot of every Starbucks within a 5 mile radius, on her way to 8 a.m.


Cardinal View: Evers is best choice for next governor

There is little glamour to the governorship of a state — at least here in the Midwest. Many people see the position of governor as someone who appears on TV every once in a while to unveil grandiose plans that never seem to happen, or as someone who provides leadership only in times of trouble, such as during natural disasters. Gubernatorial races don’t receive the same amount of attention that national elections do even from populations that are likely to vote, let alone from young people. This attitude could not be more misguided.


My opinion doesn't matter, yours does

It seems like every day I turn on the news, I don’t like what I see. I read headlines and get angry and worried about what is happening in my country; yet I turn away, I keep scrolling, I think ‘there’s nothing that I can do’ and instead watch cute puppy videos to cool my rage.

In today's political climate, the perception of news media has become a polarized issue. For the first editorial board piece of the year, we want to detail our contribution to Madison's campus.

Cardinal View: The free press is only here to help

Over the summer, dozens of news outlets rallied their editorial boards and published coordinated statements decrying President Trump’s hostile rhetoric toward news media, specifically his declaration that journalists are “enemies of the people.” Arguing that a free press is a cornerstone in a functioning democracy, these organizations pointed out the dangers of living in a society where the government works in darkness and no systems exist to disclose its work. Trump is not the first leader to be frustrated with coverage of their presidency, and he will not be the last.

The controversies surrounding Brett Kavanaugh (second from left) and his past are too serious to allow his appointment to the Supreme Court.

Why Brett Kavanaugh cannot be appointed

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing opening statement consisted of fun-filled memories and heartfelt thank-you’s. He expressed how much he loves his family, adding light-hearted anecdotes about his wife and kids. He was trying to relate to you. Maybe he succeeded.


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