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Friday, May 27, 2022



Ben Burnley, Breaking Benjamin a consistent force in rock

Breaking Benjamin has traversed an always-morphing musical landscape, survived several member changes and has simply gotten the better of time itself. The one constant throughout the entire journey has been founder Ben Burnley, the band’s lead singer and guitarist who also served as the creative mind behind most of the band’s music dating back to the its inception.


Jon Snow: The Hero’s Journey

In what is commonly referred to as the hero’s journey, a protagonist often starts off in a bad position, one in which they feel trapped or isolated. Throughout the course of their journey, they learn lessons, face difficult situations and end up altered internally due to their treacherous growing process. Such is the case for “Game of Thrones” protagonist Jon Snow, a character who throughout the course of seven seasons has faced a number of grueling challenges that have tested his leadership and personal growth abilities to the nth degree.


Say goodbye to ‘The King and I’: ill-written relic should be left in the past

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “The King and I” might take the cake when it comes to virtually fossilized, ethnocentric, and downright offensive pieces of American theatre. Maybe its “white savior” narrative and hyperbolic representation of Thai culture were considered all fine and dandy when this show debuted in 1951. But in our wanting-to-be-woke society of today, there was no justifiable reason for this show’s revival tour and subsequent stent at the Overture Center from Feb. 26 to March 3.  


‘True Detective’ season three unoriginal, falls flat

Sometimes a TV series just doesn’t know when to end. The first season of HBO’s “True Detective” from 2014 redefined crime storytelling for the ages to come. It was dark, gritty and rooted in the questioning of the nature of humanity. Each episode was more gripping and intriguing than the next. The third season starring Mahershala Ali looked promising, advertised in a fashion that channeled the nature of the first season, yet revealed to us that instead of trying to revive the glory of the first season, it was better for the show to have ended after one season and leave it at that. 


Amidst challenges within the industry, ‘Siege’ a solid contribution

Well, I had a piece planned on “Rainbow Six: Siege” for this week — a little thinkpiece about the whole ‘games as a service’ trend and how “Siege” has managed to both stumble into that model and sidestep the worst parts of it. But after the Activision-Blizzard layoffs, it just feels disingenuous to talk about anything other than the weird, terrible ways this industry is run and the ways it could be better. 


'Electric Lady Sessions' is intelligent, refreshing live album

At the time of the Electric Lady Studios’ founding, it was the only artist-owned studio in existence, built by and for the one and only Jimi Hendrix. He only got to use the space for a few weeks before his untimely passing. Dance-punk act LCD Soundsystem has added their name to the legendary studio’s list of inhabitants. On Feb. 8 of this year, Electric Lady Sessions was released. A concise and groovy collection of their own hits and three covers, LCD Soundsystem’s latest release is a rewarding live album.


Aglow and alive, Hippie Sabotage electrifies Madison

Hippie Sabotage, the EDM duo consisting of brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer, infected the Sylvee last Wednesday with one killer jam sesh. As someone who doesn’t frequently indulge in EDM and rave culture, this concert was a really interesting step into that world. 

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