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Saturday, May 21, 2022



‘Supermarket’: The psychologically gnawing debut novel from Bobby Hall

From the crack-infested slums of Maryland to the top of the New York Times Best Seller list, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II (also known by the stage name of Logic) has trekked far off the trodden path when it comes to the American success story, reaching acclaim in not just the rap game, but now the literary community through his freshman work of fiction, titled "Supermarket."


Cardinal Monthly Pick: ‘This Side of Paradise’

In order to better acquaint myself with the literary legend, F. Scott Fitzgerald, I recently read his first novel, “This Side of Paradise.” A semi-autobiographical tale of a privileged young man’s life experiences, the 1920 book is predictive of many of the features, both positive and negative, that would characterize Fitzgerald's later works.  


‘The Twilight Zone’ returns with new pilot

With anthology shows only becoming more prominent in recent years thanks to series like “Black Mirror” and “Love, Death, and Robots,” it seems as fit a time as any in the television landscape for “The Twilight Zone” to burst back onto the scene. With its first episode “The Comedian” — ironically airing on April Fools — the classic returns with as much intrigue and social commentary as ever.


Optimism for the future: Nipsey Hussle’s true legacy

On Sunday night, rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed while leaving his clothing store in Los Angeles. The news was devastating to the music community, which resulted in an outpouring of sympathies to his family — especially his two children and girlfriend, Lauren London. Despite only being 33 years old, Hussle leaves behind an impressive, at times complicated, legacy.


Breaking Benjamin sparks embers with a fiery performance in Madison

Now a five-piece well-oiled machine, many fans, critics and even founder Ben Burnley himself feel the band is heavier and more complete than in the past. With their headlining performance at The Sylvee last Monday in mind, I can only attest that this perception of the band’s current state is correct: Breaking Benjamin is simply the best it has ever been.

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Rocket Raccoon: Marvel’s most unique hero

One character in the Marvel cinematic universe stands out. He’s not a powerful god, a billionaire techno-genius, a wizard, a massive green monster, or an African king, but rather a smart-ass talking raccoon. Appearing in both “Guardians of the Galaxy” films and “Avengers: Infinity War," Rocket Raccoon, voiced by the exceptional Bradley Cooper, is without question the best character from the Marvel films.


No laughing matter: Peele’s ‘Us’ a brilliant modern horror film

Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” from 2017 was a film that so creatively examined racial tensions in the United States and gripped us to our cores that we’ll be analyzing the film for decades. Peele, in his second feature, crafts a film similar in style and energy, yet grounded and based on different societal themes that are executed profoundly well. “Us” is a monumental piece of cinema that is a gift to the horror genre.   

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