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Thursday, May 30, 2024
queen billie
Cardinal staffers spent the past semester catching up on quality TV and listening nonstop to Billie Eilish.

What The Cardinal has been binging this semester

Over the past three months, a lot has come out, a lot has charted, a lot has not, a lot has spoken to the moment and a lot has failed to do so. Looking back on this spring semester The Daily Cardinal is happy to share some of their favorite binges that have helped them navigate the crazy, tumultuous times of Spring 2021. 

Grey's Anatomy

By Kalli Anderson 

“When I hear hoofbeats, I think horses, not zebras.” These iconic lines have been seared into my brain over the last seven months that I have — happily — been binge watching "Grey’s Anatomy." For those reading this and wondering what took me so long to hop on the Grey’s train, it was simply my lack of knowledge about this quality show. Until my roommate forced me to sit down and watch with her in anticipation for the newest season coming out, I had no idea I would be swept off my feet by McDreamy, cry with Meredith, dance it out with Christina, or giggle manically with Amelia. I didn’t know this show would improve my knowledge of random diseases that ERs see, or awful tragedies that can occur throughout a person’s life. Through the classy yet cheesy “Pick me. Choose me. Love me.” to the “You are my person” quotes, Grey’s held my hand through a semester where Friday parties were replaced with staying in, Saturday darties were replaced with long hikes, and the time freed up from not walking to class had to be filled. Without Grey’s and my roommate’s obsession with this 17-season TV show, I would have had to switch between multiple shows and movies instead of falling head first into the heart-wrenching alternate reality of 'Grey’s Anatomy.' 

Little Oblivions by Julien Baker 

By Anupras Mohaparta 

This spring semester brought with it many of the challenges that 2020 introduced to our lives. I could split my spring semester into two very discernible halves, neither of which have been thrilling. Despite this, there were some positives that came from this period of time, and I find myself feeling optimistic for the future. One such positive is Julien Baker’s latest album Little Oblivions. Seeing Phoebe Bridgers’ rise to prominence in 2020 meant it was only a matter of time before I gave her boy-genius partner Julien Baker a shot. I saw her performance of “Hardline” on Late Night with Seth Meyers and was awestruck by the quality of songwriting and the passion on display. This then led me to discover the rest of the album, the rest of Baker’s discography and eventually interviews Baker did that provided insight into her experiences that have shaped her music. It was refreshing to discover someone who speaks, writes and performs from the heart and with great wisdom, while from my own music taste point of view, “Little Oblivions” features more instrumentation than her earlier releases, which is perfect for me. Definitely an album I would recommend!

Sunflower Seeds by The Orielles 

By Seamus Rohrer 

“Sunflower Seeds” is a song that will keep you coming back. The third track off The Orielles’ impressive debut album Silver Dollar Moment represents the Halifax, England trio at the (current) peak of their songwriting and musical skills. Young guitarist Henry Wade’s intoxicating chorus riff is the highlight of the song, and it’s teased and dispersed throughout the track to keep you wanting more. Esmé Dee Hand-Halford’s jumpy bass line gives the song some bounce while her spacey, angelic vocals add a beautifully textured element. The song switches between the slower, psychedelic verse and the more classically indie-pop chorus. This juxtaposition is one of the main reasons I’ve been so infatuated with this song. One moment you’re in a hazy trance, with bells and chimes swirling around the soundscape, and a few drum fills later you’re bobbing your head to the upbeat, arena-worthy chorus. Listening to “Sunflower Seeds” is like being transported to another world for five minutes and four seconds. Once you return, you won’t know what hit you, but you’ll be left craving more.


By Anupras Mohaparta 

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Doing online uni from Dubai is not an experience I would recommend to anyone. Dealing with a time difference of 9-10 hours with Madison, depending on the time of the year, takes a toll on the mind and body. Yet, I have managed to salvage my experience with some good old NBA2k. I bought NBA2k16 years ago, when it was still relevant. I didn’t play it much at the time but over winter break, I fell in love. Who knew controlling a fictional point guard’s destiny would be so rewarding? Probably everyone who loved the game. Since winter break, I had the chance to buy the new Xbox Series S and got NBA2k21 on the next gen. I will admit, 2k16 is the more enjoyable game, but I have spent free time controlling another fictional player’s destiny — this time I made him a shooting guard, not that anyone cares — and managed to lessen the impact of the worst academic year of our lives. The games also got me invested in the real NBA and now I watch whatever I can, be it highlights or even full games live. The latter certainly helps when you feel sleepy only when it is 4-4:30 a.m. in Dubai. 

A Binging Frenzy 

By Philip Klinker 

When my roommates and I were moving into our new apartment in August, we decided to spring for the more expensive internet package considering our enrollment in Zoom University. The internet connection may not have been all it was cracked up to be, but the complimentary subscription to HBO Max became my main binging staple. I had never had access to HBO’s extensive library of content and I was determined to make the most of it. Since diving in I have had two semesters of courses in ~Prestige~ TV. I watched "The Sopranos," "The Wire," "Big Little Lies," "Chernobyl," "Succession," "Watchmen," "The Night Of," "Snowpiercer" and "The Good Lord Bird" (but that’s Showtime). So it’s been a pretentious couple of months but I don’t regret a second of it. All the hours spent gorging on the best TV the Home Box Office had to offer were well spent but now that spring has sprung I might try and spend more time outside.

Billie Eilish 

By Emily Knepple

Over the past couple of months, I have to admit, I’ve fallen in love with Billie Eilish. When I first heard about her from friends a couple of years ago, I brushed it off and never really gave her a chance. But, with the release of her documentary “Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry” on Apple TV in late February and of course with recent singles ("Therefore I Am," "my future"), it became increasingly hard to avoid her talent. I encourage anyone who hasn’t listened to her library beyond "bad guy" to commit to a solid sit-down with her album. If you’re not entirely convinced, watch her documentary first and learn a bit more about Eilish and how she’s navigated her rise to fame. The documentary is what kick started my obsession and I’m so happy it did. Eilish is so epic and with the recent announcement of her sophomore album ‘Happier Than Ever’ coming in late July, you can catch up and give yourself plenty of time to prepare and make room for Eilish excellence. 

Summer Salt 

By Hope Karnopp 

I’ve loved the band Summer Salt for a long time, but I binged their entire discography throughout the pandemic. Their summery songs always sound like a vacation away from Zoom meetings and Canvas assignments. They’re the perfect combination of surf rock and 1960s pop — taking cues from the Beach Boys and the Monkees — and modern indie rock that’s perfect for picnics, hammocking or whatever you’re doing outside this summer. Their earlier EPs, ‘Driving to Hawaii’ and ‘So Polite,’ are a great place to start. “Time Away from Home” is a great song if you’re heading home for a little bit after exams. “Tidal Waves” is another one for reflecting on our crazy but memorable year. Their music is really low-key and great for studying or working. If you’re out on the Terrace studying for finals next week, I definitely recommend shuffling their singles and EPs. It’ll keep you dreaming about the warm summer days to come. 

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