UWPD arrests all members of ASM to show how well they can do job following 'No Confidence' vote

Image By: Betsy Osterberger

UWPD officers arrested all members of ASM Wednesday morning to show how well they can do their job following the campus organization’s vote of No Confidence in UWPD on Tuesday night.

“The No Confidence vote serves to undermine student support in the job we’re doing, and, frankly, it’s a sentiment that is just inaccurate,” said UW Police Chief Kristen Roman. “We felt that the best way to restore the faith of ASM and other students in our organization was to show them our process and the work that we do, so we’ve arrested them and held them all for questioning.”

ASM Chair Matthew Mitnick commented from within his cell after officers removed the duct tape from his mouth, stating that, “our No Confidence vote was held precisely because of our distrust in UWPD’s judgement in using force. I don’t think they got the memo.”

“I really do think this plan will work,” Roman continued. “Of course, if ASM is still not convinced that we can do a great job, our next plan of action is to let them play with all of the tear gas we didn’t buy this summer.”

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