Ricky Gervais does his best work yet in the charming second season of “After Life”

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Ricky Gervais, the foul-mouthed, witty, unapologetic comedian best known for ridiculing celebrities at the Golden Globes is one of the funniest men alive, and his true talents always shine in his heartfelt television series. 

Over a year after season one of the hit series “After Life” was released on Netflix, Gervais’ second installment not only reintroduces us to a band of lovable characters and continues a touching story in the perfect direction, he outdoes himself and creates the best work he has ever done. 

Following the life of the depressed and suicidal Tony Johnson after his wife dies of cancer, Tony continues to struggle every day, newly enlightened by a philosophy of giving back to those who helped him last season see a better side to things and cope through his misery. Season two of “After Life” wasn’t an absolutely necessary project, yet due to the brilliant storytelling and performance by Gervais, every second is enchanting. 

What makes “After Life” a triumph is how Gervais utilizes the charm of each and every one of his characters. Few storytellers have such an eye for capturing the essence of real-life people and blending cringe-worthy comedy with tender, tear-jerking heart. Gervais gives a more vulnerable, emotional performance this season, enough to break the hearts of the most cynical of souls, while also further developing the quirky and somber characters from season one.

Gervais possesses the rare creative talent of transitioning from uncomfortable humor that is impossible to turn away from one moment to making you cry unexpectedly the next. He has an intuitive, passionate eye for capturing the tenderness and sorrow that comes with any life. Dedicated to his protagonist and his supporting characters, Gervais hits season two of “After Life” out of the park and outdoes himself.

For the treacherous time we’re living in, many feeling depressed and down, “After Life” is the perfect series to elevate our feelings and experience pure comedy and heart, a truly special series that deserves to be seen by everyone. 

Final Grade: A

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