'Outer Banks' proves to be the perfect summer binge

"Outer Banks" follows the social divide on the OBX island and puts its rigidity to the test with friendship and romance. 

"Outer Banks" follows the social divide on the OBX island and puts its rigidity to the test with friendship and romance. 

Image By: Jackson Davis/Netflix

Wondering what show to binge watch next during quarantine? Netflix's latest release “Outer Banks” has everyone begging for season two. A teen drama that involves mystery, romance and shirtless boys is pretty much all teen girls can ask for when they are looking for something to keep them busy. 

The fun-filled 10 episodes of the first season take place on an island off the coast of North Carolina. The characters in the series live a relaxed, care-free life by the beach that has us all wishing we can have our usual summer. 

However, the island is divided among social classes, creating a rivalry between the “Pogues," the working-class, and the “Kooks,” the wealthy. The main character John B, played by Chase Stokes, has been living alone on the island ever since the mysterious loss of his father at sea. After the disappearance, John B finds several clues about the island’s long-lost treasure that he has reason to believe was left by his father. He believes it's up to him, along with the help of his “Pogue” friends to finish what his father started. 

The characters encounter dangerous scenarios with many people, who are also involved in the hunt of the $400 million treasure. There’s murder, boat chases, suspicious cops and so much more. Each episode leaves the viewers with a plot twist they never saw coming.

Aside from the adventure, what makes this teen drama series more worthwhile? Romance! A forbidden love forms between lovers of different social classes, creating tensions and testing the waters between other friendships. No one knows who can be trusted with the clues of the treasure and it's up to John B to take that risk. 

“Outer Banks” has everyone at home fantasizing about their non-existent summers. The combination of danger, romance and friendship only make it that much more exciting. As soon as you know it, you’ll be swept up in the mystery and wholehearted bonds that you won’t even realize you’ve already made it to the tenth episode! 

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