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College 101: 3 Things to Consider Before Opening a Car Dealership

The National Automobile Dealers Association’s annual report revealed that the nearly 17,000 franchised dealers in the United States sold a reported 17.22 million light vehicles. New car sales totaled more than $1 trillion, and dealerships wrote over 310 million orders for repairs. Service and parts sales exceeded $116 billion. 

People who find the automotive industry profitable and are looking to start a car dealership should consider a few crucial aspects of preparing for business ownership and becoming a dealer.

Strategize Your Business Plan

Future dealers should first determine if they’ll use money from a savings account or a loan.

A crucial aspect of starting a dealership is acquiring the licensure required to sell cars in the U.S. Licensure requirements vary across states, so future dealership owners should investigate licensing procedures.

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The next step for car dealers-to-be is to determine if they will sell new cars, used cars, or a mixture of both. When selling used or new vehicles, dealers can consult a resource like Kelley Blue Book to determine cars’ values. An automobile’s mileage and condition impact its value and the car prices a dealer can set.

Dealers should consider selling vehicles of various brands, years, models, and colors to satisfy customers with varying preferences. Future dealers should strive to own a dealership that provides customers with satisfactory four-door or two-door cars, SUVs, trucks, convertibles, and more.

The services car shoppers receive should be as good as the quality of the cars they buy. When planning to start a business, one should consider implementing the best technology into their business operations. Companies can consult Bright Pattern, the leader of delivering enterprise contact center software. Products provided by Bright Pattern include bots and artificial intelligence assistance, outbound and inbound call center software, and omnichannel call center software.

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Bright Pattern’s innovative omnichannel software outperforms the multichannel software of competitors. The omnichannel platform doesn’t require customers to provide their names, serial numbers, preferred languages, and more, each time they make a call.

Car dealership owners should consider equipping their businesses with this software, as it would optimize how customer service agents and car salespeople communicate with car shoppers on a unified platform that gives them a unique, personalized experience.

Pick A Prime Location

A crucial aspect of a business’s success is its location. The location of a company can impact its opening costs, payroll costs, employee salaries, and annual profit. Factors that may influence someone’s choice of dealership location include if the area or state is profitable, with a climate that benefits businesses.

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Dealers should keep their business location in mind when sourcing cars to sell and stocking their dealership inventory. Some vehicles that dealers and customers may want might be in other parts of the country. For such cases, dealers can depend on car shipping services, such as Easy Car Shipping, to transport vehicles over long distances. Easy Car Shipping, a leader in dealer-to-dealer auto transport ships vehicles for dealers, auto auctions, and customers and online car buyers, among other clients. The enclosed auto transport provided by Easy Car Shipping protects vehicles from debris and other hazards. 

Make People Want To Come

When starting a car dealership, owners should prepare marketing methods to raise awareness of their business and increase their visibility. Dealers can utilize digital marketing tactics to attract customers. Digital marketing campaigns include search result ads, email marketing ads, and promoted posts on the social networking platforms LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Facebook. Business owners can advertise and share photos of available cars on social media that detail their interior and exterior. Websites, social media pages, and Internet ads should include the dealership’s location and contact information.

Making the necessary considerations and putting time, money, preparation, and effort into starting a business will pay off. Having excellent customer service and selling reliable cars will earn dealerships a reputation as an authority in selling cars and increase profits.

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