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Five Best Ways to Rejuvenate Over Winter Break

Life and Style

 Enjoy a cup of holiday spirit to reset your mind over break.

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1 — Take Time for You

Winter Break is a time filled with family, busy days and lots of food. Sometimes it can be hard to remember that the break is meant for you to relax and recharge for spring semester. Always take the time to settle yourself, whether it be a workout class, meditation or binging Disney+. I know I’ll be obsessively watching Disney princess movies.

2 — Sleep In

I may be biased because my resume includes “Professional Sleeper,” but I will never knock the power of sleeping past your usual alarm. Maybe don’t sleep until 2 p.m., but definitely try to sleep until you feel refreshed.

3 — Take a Break from Junk Food

I know, I know. This one is so much easier said than done. However, I can promise that those late-night library Hot Cheetos are not helping your overall health. I’m not saying completely cut yourself off because the holidays include a lot of amazing treats that are too hard to refuse. Just opt for an apple rather than leftover Halloween candy.

4 — Do Some Self-Maintenance

My favorite part of going home is doing the oh-so needed self-maintenance. This can be small things like finally putting some lotion on, or going to get a haircut. I know I always feel like a new woman after I get my haircut and eyebrows done. Both are quick and easy ways to come back to campus feeling brand new and ready to take on the semester.

5 — Give Your Pets Some Love

Trust me on this one. It’s scientifically proven that petting a dog relieves stress. I’m sure petting your cat, lizard, snake or guinea pig will have the same effect. Plus, they love you and are probably wondering why you’ve been gone for so long. 

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