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Tweet shows second sticker with racist messaging on campus

A student pointed out a second occurrence of white nationalist presence at UW-Madison.

A student pointed out a second occurrence of white nationalist presence at UW-Madison.

Image By: Nina Bertelsen

A UW-Madison student brought attention via Twitter to a second sticker from the white nationalist group Hundred-Handers, garnering a response from students and faculty Tuesday.

UW-Madison freshman Dianna Murray tweeted a photo of the sticker which read “Mass immigration is white genocide,” along with a photo of a Daily Cardinal article reporting on the first sticker that was found.

“What I mean by working two jobs is that going to school is a full-time job,” Murray said. “Our other job is policing ourselves. We always have to be aware of how we behave and speak, even in inclusionary spaces.” 

Deputy Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion Patrick Sims responded to the tweet, outlining actions UW-Madison administration is taking to remove the stickers and deal with the situation.

“Hate has no place on our campus, and you are right to demand more than just words from us,” Sims wrote. “We’ve removed the graffiti and are reaching out to impacted students through UW housing and UW student life.”

Murray said she was happy with Sims’ response and was also contacted by UW Housing. 

“I do feel like there needs to be more structural change,” Murray said. “The consequences for hate should be more well known. My friends and I shouldn’t be made to feel like a second thought.”

Hundred-Handers is an anonymous right-wing nationalist group which utilizes social media to recruit members across the U.S. The group takes to Twitter to post photos of their stickers in U.S. cities and encourages members to print and post their own stickers.

“We’re heavily involved with the staff at UW-Madison, especially the social studies professors, they’re huge fans of our work,” the anonymous account said in a direct message to The Daily Cardinal. 

UW-Madison History Department Chair Laird Boswell said he has no knowledge of any affiliation between department faculty and the white nationalist group.

“I would fall off my chair if I heard about any affiliation,” Boswell said. “The only thing I can say is that I’ve never heard of this group, and I’ve never heard of any staff members giving any support to them.”

Boswell condemned the stickers’ messaging.

“The history department stands against that sort of racist and exclusionary ideology,” Boswell said. “It’s not what we do at this university.”

Additional social sciences department heads could not be reached for comment. 

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