Cardinal Reflection: There's a place on our team for everyone

Whether you like writing or math, drawing or video producing, there's a little bit of everything at the Cardinal. You can try it all — and find a welcoming community.

Image By: Bobby Burmeister

This will be the first and last time you see my name in this paper. It’s interesting considering I have worked at The Daily Cardinal for two years and have never published a single article. How does that work you may ask? Well, I, along with several other people, help the Cardinal behind the scenes to make it the best independent student-run paper on campus.

I found out I could be part of the Cardinal without having to write when I was a junior in college. I saw they had a business team and were looking to expand. I decided to join as I was already reading the Cardinal every week, but didn’t want to do anything with journalism. I quickly fell in love with the organization. I sold ads for the paper which is how we are able to print each week. I was then promoted to advertising manager for the next semester and directed the department. I loved my job and kept the paper printing each week.

There came a point where I wanted to dig in deeper to the Cardinal. I knew we had a social media department and I wanted to use my background in analytics to help out more. I asked if I could create my own position to help us grow our engagement online. The best part of the Cardinal is that they always welcome new ideas. They said yes and I have had an absolute blast helping us reach more and more of you online.

But there’s more than the roles I have done. We have copy editors who make sure there aren’t any mistakes in articles. We have people who take all of the beautiful photographs for our articles and the people who design graphics and comics from scratch. There is a multimedia team that creates videos and an entire business team making sure we stay afloat. The Daily Cardinal takes an entire team, even those who aren’t named each week in the bylines. I have had the time of my life at this paper and each person there treats you like family. I highly encourage you join us next year. Happy summer, kids!

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