I've Cried

I've cried because of hurt

Because of happiness

Because of understanding and the things from them that mis(s)

I have cried because of loss

Because of gain

Because my mind can never differentiate good and bad

The same decipher of glad and mad

I've cried because of tears

Because of the warmth down one's cheek

Like a grandmother's kiss

Or a mother’s rubbed knuckle

I have cried because I could

And with no knowledge of what it means to let go

I continue to let tears pour

Down my face like water trickling from the shower

A wet collar

Often stained with black from materials in which makes me look beautiful

I have cried

And as tears pour down my face

I am reminded of my problem

That letting go is harder than taking in

That even the sturdiest bag does too break

That sooner or later, that drenched towel must be wrung dry

I have cried

And just like being stuck out in the middle of winter for too long

I have become numb to the idea of what it means to stop

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