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Two UW-Madison freshmen announce candidacy for city council

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Following Ald. Zach Wood’s, District 8, announcement that he would not seek reelection to Madison’s eighth district, two UW-Madison freshmen announced they will run to succeed him on the city council.

Wood, who was first elected as a UW-Madison senior, has been the campus’ representative since 2013. He announced Wednesday he would not run for a third term because he is no longer the best person to represent the student body. Wood said he would step aside so “new, young leaders in our community” could take his place.

Two UW-Madison freshmen, Avra Reddy, 19, and Matthew Mitnick, 18, announced their candidacy for his seat Friday afternoon.

Reddy, who worked with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin on the 2016 presidential election and campaigned for Tony Evers, said she was inspired to run after seeing the record-breaking number of women win in the midterms.

“Representation matters, and that's why we need someone at the city level that can advocate for what’s important to students,” she said. “These women have inspired me to make a difference in a new way.”

Mitnick, who works as an Associated Students of Madison intern, was recently appointed to the city’s Joint Campus Area Committee. He also holds a spot on ASM’s Legislative Affairs Committee, as well as it’s shared governance Undergraduate Recruitment, Admissions and Financial Aid Committee.

“Students should have the ability to express their opinions to enact change,” Mitnick said. “I will fight for all voices to be heard. I promise to uphold the integrity of public office. As my constituent, you are my boss — I work for you to make our community better and stronger.”

Both Reddy and Mitnick made affordable housing, campus safety and student issues prominent in their campaign announcements.

City council primaries will be held Feb. 19, 2019, with a general election on April 2.

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