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Marijuana referenda on ballot in 16 Wisconsin counties

Gov. Tony Evers intends to decriminalize recreational marijuana and legalize medical use in the upcoming budget.

Image By: Téalin Robinson

Half of all Wisconsin voters will have the opportunity to share their thoughts on marijuana legalization come November.

Sixteen counties will vote on advisory referendums focused on collecting public opinion of changes to marijuana policy in the next election.

The referendums will not be legally binding, but will be to gauge public opinion for possible legislation and as a tool for local policymakers to reference in the future.

A 2016 Marquette University study showed 59 percent of Wisconsin voters supported legalizing the drug. The Dane County ballot will ask if marijuana “should be taxed and regulated in the same manner as alcohol for adults 21 years of age or older.”

City of Racine residents will vote on additional topics related to marijuana, including recreational and medical uses as well as statewide decriminalization.

The results of the referenda, while unbinding, could shape the development of policy changes going forward.

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