Armed burglary leaves Langdon Street residents shaken

An investigation into an armed burglary at 200 Langdon Street is underway.

An investigation into an armed burglary at 200 Langdon Street is underway.

Image By: Téalin Robinson

An armed burglary occurred Monday at a fraternity house on Langdon Street, according to a UW-Madison Police Department crime warning sent to community members.

The incident occurred at approximately 11:30 p.m. at 200 Langdon Street. Two suspects were seen rummaging through a resident’s room. When confronted by the resident, the suspects presented a gun before fleeing the scene, the crime warning said/

Ryan Karich, a UW-Madison student and another resident at 200 Langdon, said that during the incident he heard yelling from another floor of the house. When he came downstairs and realized what happened, he assisted in calling the police.

UWPD arrived at the scene shortly after and conducted an investigation, searching the house and questioning residents. They determined the suspects had entered through a basement window.

The suspects took a resident’s backpack and a bottle of Mountain Dew from the house, according to Karich. A set of keys to the house were in the backpack. The house’s locks were changed Tuesday and the basement windows have been bolted shut.

Some residents of the house were shaken up by the incident and were concerned about their safety and that of other residents living on Langdon Street.

“It’s been quiet today,” Karich said. “We’re worried about getting the house secured and we just want other houses to know about it so they can secure their houses too.”

Karich said other residents saw people on the lawn earlier in the night. While it is unknown whether or not those people were the suspects, Karich said houses on Langdon Street need to be more strict when it comes to loitering.

The Madison Police Department is currently investigating the case. 

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