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Welsh and Ben-Yitschak commanding 25th ASM session

The Associated Students of Madison elected former Vice Chair Billy Welsh as Chair for the 2018-19 academic term. Yogev Ben-Yitschak will serve as Vice Chair.

Image By: Jon Yoon

As the semester comes to a close, the new session of the Associated Students of Madison is just beginning, following their first meeting on Tuesday.

Together, ASM Chair Billy Welsh, former ASM Vice Chair, and newly-elected ASM Vice Chair Yogev Ben-Yitschak, former ASM Outreach Director, will lead the 25th session.

Previous ASM Chair Katrina Morrison spoke in support of Welsh, showcasing his tenacity to build lasting relationships and strong leadership skills.

“We’ve been through it all and I have seen his immense dedication and passion and growth throughout our time together in this organization, ” Morrison said. “I truly believe that Billy cares about the students at this university, bettering their experience and, also, the future of this organization.”

Concern for preventing opt-out segregated fees and promoting outreach for students on campus are priorities of Welsh’s and fellow ASM Chair nominee Alex Hader’s. Opt-out seg fees will likely decrease the funding for the General Student Services Fund groups, including organizations like Badger Catholic and Sex Out Loud.

“As a group, having an understanding of our segregated fees, how they are allocated and how can we give that education to the student body and then, how can we leverage that knowledge into pressuring state legislators is really going to be an overarching goal for this session,” Welsh said.

Welsh also insured that he would enhance outreach efforts by reaching out to specific boards and organizations.

The new session will meet again on Thursday to discuss the summer session schedule and vote in members to remaining committee seats.

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