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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Start your semester off right

New semester, new me. Right? Too many of us come into this new chapter of school saying we are going to break our bad habits and actually focus on studying but end up falling into the same pattern of Netflix binging.

Here are five tips to will make you feel better this semester and motivate you to do well.

Make a mantra

Find a little saying to keep you motivated throughout the semester. Something to help you roll out of bed and take on the world instead of re-watching “Friends” for the fourth time. The internet has so many phrases you can find that might speak to you or even inspire you to come up with your own. One of my favorites is “clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose,” from “Friday Night Lights.” If it can get a whole football team hyped, it may be able to do the trick for you too.

You can never have too many tools to keep you organized

If you don’t already have a planner go to Amazon or the bookstore immediately and pick one up. There are a wide range of planners ranging in price and style so find the one that best fits you. Then, take an hour and plug in every assignment due date from each of your syllabi and you’ll be set for the semester. With your planner filled out, you will never have that nagging feeling that you forgot to do something. You can also get a calendar for your room to remind yourself of big events coming up to help you plan ahead. A calendar will help you to visualize your month and can help you plan trips and fun things in advance.

Spring clean right now

We are all guilty of it. We still have clothes that somehow stuck with us from high school to college even though we never wear them. They reside deep in our drawers and are covered with our weird mascots from home or the all too familiar Abercrombie label. Either ship the clothes home or donate them to the less fortunate because, let’s face it: Living spaces in Madison are way too small to accompany things you don’t need. Once you have decluttered your room, you’ll have a space you can fully relax in.

Next, it’s time to detox your backpack. All those crumpled pieces of paper that are crumpled at the bottom have to go. Once everything is cleared out, dump your backpack over the garbage so all the pesky crumbs fall out. By clearing away everything from last semester in your bag, you give yourself a clean slate for this coming semester.

Pick a hobby or something new to try

Pick out something that you have always wanted to try or something that you have heard your friends tell you was super fun. A new hobby can be a great stress reliever once classes start to become difficult. They also offer a break from the grind and spice up the normal study-all-day routine. You could start cooking, take Wheelhouse painting classes or grab a gym membership somewhere around Madison. Picking up a hobby will help bring balance to your daily life and take your mind off of the pressures of school.

Take care of yourself this semester

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Many individuals choose a New Year’s resolution that involves taking better care of themselves, such as going to bed earlier, eating healthier or working out more often. But few stick to these resolutions for more than a couple of weeks. No one has a good college semester if they’re sick, and surprisingly one reason this may happen is because many students forget to stay hydrated and drink water. You might not be aware of it, your body cannot run off of just coffee alone you need to mix water in there too. Switch your second cup of coffee out for a cup of water and you’ll be on your way to a healthier semester. Make a goal of how many water bottles you want to drink a day and stick to it. Keeping hydrated will help you to stay awake and give you clear skin so really, this is a win-win!

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