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New counselor shifts aim to UW-Madison employees, helps them manage careers

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UW-Madison students are not the only people on campus who can see an advisor for career advice — university employees now can, too.

The Division of Continuing Studies has added a new counselor to its Adult Career and Special Student Services office — which has traditionally focused on advising all UW-Madison community members — to focus specifically on those employed by the university.

Elizabeth Schrimpf, who has a master’s degree in community counseling and experience as an employment specialist with the WorkSmart Network, will assist university faculty as they set career goals — both short term and long term — and explore new learning and job opportunities.

The focus on university employee advising comes as part of an effort to keep talented faculty at the university by helping them reach their career aspirations. According to a university release, the counseling service is not only for staff members looking for new jobs, but also for those seeking opportunities to advance in their current position.

“I can provide university employees with the tools they need to manage their careers, develop their skills and enjoy greater job satisfaction,” Schrimpf said in the release. “If you have a plan, you’ll be ready whenever opportunities pop up.”

In addition to the new counseling service, the Adult Career and Special Student Services office will host Construct Your Career at UW, a conference designed to educate UW-Madison employees on how to assess, develop and act on their career plans March 6.

Although the new service was just announced, it has already gained the support of UW-Madison employees. Michael Flaherty, a senior lecturer in the Department of Life Sciences Communication, said the new service “sounds like a great idea.”

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