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In-state students by the numbers

Who is represented at the UW System’s flagship?

Image By: Peter Coutu

The map displays student representation at UW-Madison compared to each county’s share of the state population.

A value of one would mean a county is proportionally represented at UW-Madison. A decimal below one, shown by lighter hues of red, indicates a county is not represented in proportion to their population. A number greater than one, colored with darker reds, means the county is overrepresented at the state's flagship university.

For example, Dane County is dark red, as it is the most highly represented county at UW-Madison, but Florence County, which just has three students at UW-Madison, is nearly white, as it is one of the least represented counties at the university.

This map does not factor in other data, such as UW applications or certain demographics from each county, and instead just focuses on total population.

The figures for county populations were from the Wisconsin Department of Administration’s estimate for 2016, which combined to a total of 5,778,708 people. The number of students from each county with in-state residency was based on  Fall 2016 enrollment data. The total number of these students came to 22,757 people. 

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