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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Tinder and the controversy it creates

Before we get into the dirty details of Tinder, let us first explain the app itself for those who are unfamiliar with it. Tinder is not a dating app. Rather, Tinder is an app used to meet people in your area. By annonymously likeing or rejecting profiles, only shared likes of one another can interact. This annonymous judgment essentially does away with open rejection because you can’t ever know if that “perfect ten” swiped a nope or they simply haven’t had the priviledge of finding you in the Tinder universe yet. It can essentially be used to date, hook-up, befriend, or form any type of relationship you’d like to form with those nearby. The creators of Tinder call it “the new way everyone is choosing to meet new people,” and the New York Times went as far as to say “The application is clearly addictive.” We are conflicted as to how we feel about it, so we have decided to create an open forum of debate which may be able to help you decide to Tinder or not to Tinder. Tinder has different reputations among different people. Which one does it deserve? Tell us what you think of Tinder.

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The downsides of Tinder

While Tinder may provide a more convenient outlet for meeting, it has a multitude of negative aspects. Firstly, while Tinder is intentioned to spark the possible flame of interest, the seriousness of users can vary greatly. While some may see the app as a highly useful tool towards meeting a significant other, others simply use the app for entertainment and have no real intention of ever engaging matches past the initial finding of one another. In fact, many users may already have significant others and therefore delegitimize the app. We do know people who have used Tinder for this purpose. Additionally, as the MTV show “Catfish” has illustrated, people can be far from who they appear to be online. Digital profiles make it possible to falsify information and especially pictures. While traditional dating decorum allows for both parties to see genuine looks and personality immediately, Tinder instead leaves the door open for people to perhaps lie about age, looks and even go so far as to fake aspects of personality in order to impress their match. This falsification of information could potentially lead to a dangerous situation if you should choose to meet up with your match.

While Tinder may provide convenience in finding a match, it is a perfect example of the break down of personal confrontation that social media has created. The days of mustering up enough courage to approach someone you find attractive and engage in conversation are steadily coming to an end with apps like Tinder. Instead, today’s world is forcing people to pass through a wall of social media approval in order to get to know someone. Tinder also stresses choosing a match based on looks alone and can make the user make shallow decisions initially.

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t want to see the use of “game” to be abolished. As Shakespear once said “Faint heart never won fair lady” and passing a social media blitz before meeting someone is not comfortable for everyone. How many times have you heard of love being sparked in unconventional places all because one party decided to buck up, disregard possible rejection and put themselves out there for open judgment? Rejection hurts, but it is also necessary in order to learn how to approach and interact with someone that you find attractive. Through the anonmity of Tinder, rejection is never experienced. Courage is being left by the wayside and it’s depressing for all who don’t want to be seen as a creep for approaching a real life match. Let us not be lily-livered and get out there and tell that special someone that you are interested to their face. Be brave Badgers, be brave. Is Ryan right?

Why you should use Tinder

Tinder doesn't deserve the negative reputation that some give it. While some may use it for entertainment purposes, therefore tricking the "Tinderer," there are plenty more people you can engage with who are using it for possibly the same reasons you are. Furthermore, this brings up the fact that Tinder's use can be adapted to the user. Unlike or most dating sites, Tinder can't be classified as a "dating site." People can use it for simple hook-ups, potential relationships or even just friends.

The key is in the about section of one’s Tinder profile. You can tell people exactly what you want. If you both want to just hook up, then happy hump day everyone. If you want a relationship, you can find people who want the same thing. If you're joking and having fun, or maybe you want a confidence booster from all your “matches,” go for it. Luckily the person you're potentially tricking probably has 300 other matches to choose from.

Unlike in a bar setting, Tinder allows you to get a more in-depth read on someone before having to engage in face to face conversation. The pros of this? You decide if you want to actually take the steps of meeting someone. Maybe after some conversation you realize you don't want to meet this person. It is as easy as 1-2-3- block and onto the next. At a bar if a creeper approaches you, it is much more difficult to escape the creeper (think of Andy Samberg's "The Creep" video from Saturday Night Live). How do you escape those weirdos? I know you've been there before. You can't block those people in real life without looking like a complete ass, but on Tinder you can. The other beauty of Tinder is that it allows you to see all your options in one easy-to-use app. He's a Republican? Deal breaker. Buh bye. But I bet there are plenty of hot “dems” on there you can match. Tinder allows you to meet people who could be perfectly fitting for you, where instead at a bar that person who is perfect for you or who you really wanna hook up with may not be at the same bar as you. Tinder connects people in more than one way. I know a couple who met on Tinder and has been together for six or seven months.

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When it comes to hooking up, let's say you are on Spring Break 2014, but you chose the wrong hotel and are left wondering where all the partying guys/girls are. You can't find them, but Tinder can. Voila, spring break fun! Tinder is what you make it in the end, so get “Tinderin'” people. Do you agree with Haleigh?

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