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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Make your New Year's resolution a reality

With every New Year’s come new dreams, hopes and resolutions. 2014 is finally here, giving everyone the opportunity to change those bad habits or make new wishes a reality. Resolutions can seem unrealistic and extremely cheesy sometimes, but you need to take these straight on, seatbelt fastened and full throttle. However, are New Year’s resolutions overrated, things that we should just never try to make happen? The challenge of New Year’s resolutions is something that almost everyone faces, but from past experiences, I believe they are well worth it. It is not necessarily what your resolution is, but how it is executed. So as 2014 gets underway, stay strong with these changes and you will surely see results in your future.

Resolutions can be as simple as making your bed every day, difficult as changing a lifestyle choice or crazy as falling in love. It is truly up to the executer on how successful this resolution can be.

For simple tasks, remind yourself of your resolution at every turn. Put post-it notes all around the house with what your resolution is. Put notes in your phone, on your computer and have alarm reminders titled “resolution” appear at the same time everyday. To make those simple tasks possible you need to be constantly reminded because if you’re not, you will let one day slide without doing your resolution. With that, one day turns into one week, and then one week turns into a month and before you know it your resolution has slipped right between your fingertips. Keep notifications everywhere reminding you to do your goal, and then it will become so habitual that you won’t even need your reminders around the house anymore. This will work best with resolutions such as making your bed, feeding the dog, making dinner instead of ordering in, doing the dishes and even doing your laundry.

Some resolutions, however, deal with changes to your lifestyle and essential daily routines. Things like this could be dietary plans, exercise habits, shopping routines and procrastination avoidance. In order to face these resolutions, there are several approaches you can take. Tell your roommates, family or friends about your plans. Have them be helpful guides and motivators to keep you sticking with your goal. Don’t be offended when they get angry or upset with you; they are there to help you fufill your goals. Another idea for these daily routines is to make them fun and enjoyable. Find a workout buddy, a grocery shopping buddy or a homework buddy so that you can always be doing your resolution with someone else. Being alone can sometimes leave you with little motivation, but with a buddy by your side, you are sure to succeed and fulfill your resolution. So grab your friends and family and get the support you need from your loved ones in order to accomplish your resolution.

And to those resolutions that are out of the park, over the top and just seem impossible, go for it! People might think you are crazy, but sometimes you just need to tell yourself that these crazy ideas can happen– and the only way they will happen is if you believe they will. Resolutions to fall in love, to become successful, and to become famous all may seem insane but sometimes you just need to think that this is your year, and amazing things will happen. There are many strategies to accomplish these goals, but once you find one that works for you, stick with it and you can go far. So good luck, may fate be on your side and may resolutions be in your favor.

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